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Pengumuman Kelulusan SMP Tahun Ajaran 2016/2017

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Surat Keputusan Kepala SMP


Daftar Nama Peserta Ujian Nasional 


SK Kelulusan SMP 2016-2017

Lampiran kelulusan siswa 2016-2017 - ALampiran kelulusan siswa 2016-2017 - BLampiran kelulusan siswa 2016-2017 - C

New ECP Student Orientation

A total of 35 new kids from Pre-Nursery and Nursery take part on new-student orientation at Early Childhood Program (ECP). Teachers guide and introduce new children to the classroom environment, waiting room, ECP teachers, friends, cleaning service employees, clinic, playground, and library. The activity that carried out with fun through singing and playing hopefully can make the new kids feel save as if in their home. Thus, new students are ready mememasuki ECP environment and new learning activities, outside the family and parents. (Ab / ​​JMC)

Language Switcher

Morning Notes

Jubilee School

Jl. Sunter Jaya 1 No. 1, Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara

ph. +6221-65300300, Fax. +6221-65300800

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