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Pengumuman Kelulusan SMP Tahun Ajaran 2016/2017

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SK Kelulusan SMP 2016-2017

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FEP Grade 5 Field Trip to Cinangneng

JAKARTA-JMC, Grade 5 students of FEP 1-6 were taken on a field trip to Kampung Wisata Cinangneng in Bogor, West Java. Both classes 5A and 5B went for this field trip with their Principal, Ms Shantyaswari Prihandini and teachers Ms Yuliani Karaseran, Ms Livona Andrianto and Mr Darmawan Susanto. They left for this journey on the morning of Friday, 7 May 2010, in JubileeSchool buses.

As soon as the participants arrived, they were taken on a tour of the interesting sights there by the instructor. Then the students were given many fun activities to do. They seemed to enjoy the Jaipong Dance lessons and cooking traditional cakes. They also had a chance to try out their artistic talents in painting and drawing on cone-shaped traditional farmers’ caps (caping). Another captivating activity for the students was playing the Karawitan, the traditional Javanese musical instruments. The students participated in all these activities with enthusiasm and gusto, as these activities were very exciting for them.

The main purpose of this program is to provide an experience to the students, so that they may explore and apply their talents in a natural environment. The goal is to give them a rustic kampoeng experience, whereby they can absorb the fresh and healthy air of the rural area. (Livona/JMC)

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