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Jubilee School is a national plus school founded by a charitable foundation “Yayasan Citra Bangsa Mulia”. It was born out of the need to provide the youth of Indonesia with a high quality national education on par with international standards. The name ‘Jubilee’ which means success and celebration has become comparable to a high quality, sensibly priced education within the country.

At present, Jubilee School has approximately 2000 students studying from the Early Childhood Program to High School. Jubilee School is accredited by the Ministry of Education Indonesia (DEPDIKNAS) and has since 2006 been designated as an authorized Center of Cambridge International Examinations, UK.

In our capacity as a fully authorized center for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Jubilee School implements the following programs: 


  • Cambridge International Primary Program (CIPP) Grade Six exams
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations.
  • Advanced Subsidiary (AS) examinations
  • Advanced (A’) Levels examinations

The latest programs to be launched are the:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers (CICTT)

ESOL exams provide an independent verification of a student's progress in mastering the English language. Information from ESOL exams provides important information to parents about the achievement of of their child, and can provide important information to teachers about identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses


fc.jpgBy carrying out the CICTT training, the school intends to improve the professional credentials of the teaching faculty in an attempt to bring them on par with international standards.


Jubilee School also administers the relevant national board exams in grades VI, IX and XII respectively. Therefore, at the completion of their studies at Jubilee, our students are eligible for dual certification at national and internationally recognized levels.


The school provides students with attractive facilities and an educational curriculum which focuses on personal responsibility and independent thinking. Learners are encouraged to reach their full potential intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.


Within a short time span, Jubilee School has prospered into one of the most acknowledged and well respected educational institutions of Jakarta. The school campus is well-equipped with contemporary facilities that augment the instruction and prepare students for advanced studies. We are not only committed to achieving academic excellence but we also inculcate respect for racial and cultural differences and the development of individual accountability. “Harmony in Diversity,” the school motto, is a theme that can be recognized throughout all elements of the school.



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Jubilee School

Jl. Sunter Jaya 1 No. 1, Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara 14350

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