Welcome to SMA Jubilee and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our dynamic educational activities. Founded in 1998, Jubilee School is a fully-accredited high school that offers many opportunities to grow and develop intellectually, physically, and spiritually; both inside and outside the classroom. We aim to provide a safe, secure, and diverse environment that encourages students to be active, life-long learners.

Living up to our status as SPK (Satuan Penddikan Kerjasama), our students thrive in classes that implement Cambridge curriculum that is recognized as one of the best in the world while preparing themselves to meet the national curriculum which will culminate in Ujian Nasional.  Students may also opt to appear in the IGCSE and A-level examinations from Cambridge at the end of grade 10 and 12 respectively.

Many of our alumni attend some of the finest universities in Indonesia and other countries including England, Germany, USA, Japan, and China. We provide challenging curricular programs that foster inquiring, knowledgeable, internationally-minded, and caring young people who actively strive to create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.


SMA Jubilee implements the Academic Credit System (SKS – Satuan Kredit Semester), a system that is used to assess students’ work and effort during their study in grade 10 – 12. Completion of study in SMA Jubilee requires a total of 120 credit points. Each learning subject is worth a certain number of credit points, determined by different criteria including student’s workload, learning outcome and contact hour. The more work and effort a student is required to put into a subject, the more credit that lesson is worth.

  • What is student’s workload?

Workload refers to the specific amount of time it takes for a student to reach the desired learning outcome. The workload includes most academic activities such as classroom attendance, homework, assignment, individual study, exams, etc.

  • What does learning outcome mean?

Learning outcome refers to the level of knowledge and skills students are expected to gain and be able to apply after completing a process of learning.

  • What is contact hour?

Contact hour refers to the face-to-face contact between teacher and student in the classroom which is also known as classroom study period. One study period is equal to 45 minutes.

Students will be assessed in terms of the amount of knowledge and skills they will achieve at the end of a semester. Common forms of assessment in SMA Jubilee are a combination of:

  • Actual attendance
  • Tests taken during semester
  • Projects / research work
  • Oral / written examination


SMA Jubilee offers two study streams: Science Stream and Commerce Stream. The streaming process in SMA Jubilee begins very early because we want our students to choose the most suitable study stream; therefore we help them to decide based on their academic achievement in SMP, the result of the academic placement test given within the first week of study, as well as their individual preference which will be supported by the psychological test taken during registration period. We also provide academic counseling to help the students take the best pathway for them.

Subjects in Science Stream:

  • English Language
  • …..
  • …..
  • …..

Subjects in Commerce Stream:

  • English Language
  • …..
  • …..
  • …..


SMA Jubilee offers a wide range of organized extra co-curricular activities to help our students to develop new skills, build relationships, and strengthen companionship with peers. Such opportunity can lead on to life-long hobbies and passions; as well as encourage the students to become independent, confident, and successful members of the community.

We aim to offer a broad spectrum of extra co-curricular activities which are well-planned to enhance the physical, social-emotional, and psychological well-being of our students. Some of our extra co-curricular activities are run by external providers who are professionals in their respective field.

Extra co-curricular activities offered in SMA Jubilee for the academic year 2017-2017 include:

  • Swimming
  • Football (soccer)
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Choir
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Traditional Dance
  • Photography
  • Debating
  • Science Club
  • Art & Craft
  • Cooking
  • French


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