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Jubilee School is a School with a National Curriculum on par with international standards. The National Curriculum is enhanced and augmented by international standard materials taught using the Indonesian and English languages. 

It is being run under the auspices of Yayasan Citra Bangsa Mulia and has flourished into one of the most well established and respected educational institutions.

At Jubilee School we offer academic programs ranging from Nursery to Grade 12.  Our emphasis is on a holistic approach to learning whereby students are encouraged to reach their full potential intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.

Jubilee School is formally recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education Indonesia (DEPDIKNAS) and on November 21, 2005 the world renowned Cambridge International Examinations, UK.  Jubilee School recently became the first certified centre for running the Pearson BTEC Diploma Level 3 program in Business. Therefore at the end of their studies at Full English Program – Jubilee School, our students are eligible to dual certification from Indonesia and UK.

Our campus is located in a prestigious nine storey building strategically located amidst the Sunter and Kemayoran areas of North Jakarta.  The school is equipped with the latest state of the art facilities which enable our students to study in a safe non-threatening environment which is conducive to developing their self esteem, individual creativity and communication skills.  Jubilee School is not only committed to achieving academic excellence but it also inculcates respect for individual differences and the development of personal responsibilities.


School Philosophy

Jubilee School aspires to create such individuals with high moral standing who can contribute positively to today’s society and become the leaders of tomorrow.  They will leave Jubilee as lifelong learners and will become useful and productive citizens facing the challenges of an ever changing world with integrity and sound judgment.




To establish a National School on par with International Standards, which is multicultural in orientation, and which seeks to develop an ambience of entrepreneurship and technology, founded upon principles of character building.


  1. To conduct an educational program which supports individual independence strengthened with nationalism and international insights.
  2. To provide international standard infrastructures.
  3. To conduct an education program and cultural development to create fairness and tolerance leading to peace and the establishment of justice.
  4. To create an ambience of entrepreneurship through the processes of learning and participation.
  5. To conduct an educational program of environmental awareness, attitudes and behavior.
  6. To integrate the educational process with community service through technological empowerment.
  7. To promote moral training through the integration of living values as the basis of character building.

School Policy

Jubilee School has set certain targets for its students.  These are stated clearly in the school policy and explain how each child is expected to behave in a positive and constructive way.  The fulfillment of this goal will result in creating harmony and cooperation within the learning environment.

Jubilee School students are expected to:

v  be responsible

v  be honest

v  be respectful

v  be on time

v  maintain physical and mental good health

v  strive for excellence in every field

v  show awareness of the suffering of the lesser privileged

v  value and judiciously use their education

v  practice fairness and justice at all times


Rules and Regulations

Our students are expected to be courteous, polite and respectful at all times.  The rules given below will serve as guidelines for good behavior and discipline in and out of the school premises.

  • It is the individual responsibility of each student at Jubilee to ensure that the dignity and high profile of the school is maintained.
  • Students are required to attend school regularly, irregular attendance or unjustifiable absence from school is highly discouraged.  Regular attendance is duly taken into consideration at the time of promotion.  A minimum of 85% attendance is obligatory for all students.
  • Tardiness is strongly discouraged.  Any student habitually late for classes will be dealt with seriously.  In case of illness or other legitimate reason the school should be informed at the earliest opportunity.
  • Late comers are requested to obtain Entry Permits signed by the Supervisor/Picket duty teacher before they are allowed to enter the classroom.
  • Absence from school for prolonged periods of time without the prior authorization of the school authorities can be taken as grounds for dismissal from the school Roll Call.
  • Early dismissal is permissible only in case of emergencies when a request is made by the parents in writing or by phone.
  • No visitors such as ex-students or friends are allowed to enter the classrooms during school hours.
  • When moving around the school as when changing classes, walk quietly and in single line.  Always keep to the left of the corridors and stairways. Running and shouting within the academic block is strictly prohibited.
  • Once the students have entered the classroom, they are required to remain quietly seated and to prepare their books for the lesson.  A student may not leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to play in the parking lots and public roads.
  • Students must remain on the school premises at all times.
  • Homework and class work assignments must be completed and submitted on time.  If the student is unable to complete the work due to a valid reason the teacher may give extra time to complete the assignment.
  • Students are expected to take care of school property. They will be held accountable for proper care of school books, educational materials and tools used in the classroom.
  • Any damage to school property must be duly reported and appropriately restituted.
  • All students are personally accountable for their personal belongings.
  • It is requested not to bring large sums of money or other valuables to school.  The school will not be held responsible for any valuables lost by the students.
  • School dress code must be strictly adhered.
  • Boys are not allowed to keep long, unkempt hair or wear jewelry of any kind.  Girls should keep their hair neatly tied.
  • Students are not allowed to dye their hair or wear nail polish in the school.
  • Body piercings of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Cell phones / i-pods are not to be used during class hours.
  • Any student found in possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or firearms will be strictly dealt with.  He/she may be punished by suspension or expulsion from the school.
  • Physical bullying and teasing each other is not permitted.  Any pupil found involved in this type of activity will be severely reprimanded.
  • Students of the Full English Program are expected to speak in English at all times except when studying Bahasa Indonesia or Mandarin languages.
  • Students are strictly warned NOT to use any internet chatting websites (such as FACEBOOK, PATH, TWITTER, MSN, etc) to express their views or comment about anything. Students must NOT pass any comment that are defamatory or insulting against anyone or any activity. If a student is caught committing the said mistake, the student may be subject to expulsion from school
  • If the Academic performance of a student is falling down, then the school reserves the right to ask their parents to confiscate/stop the usage of their electronic devises until the performance improves.

Tutorial Classes

Full English Secondary provides all students with an opportunity to attend extra tutorial classes after school hours.  Classes can be arranged for the academically weak students.

Role of Parents


v  It is requested that parents/guardians keep a close contact with the school regarding their child’s progress.  Only when the school and parents work together can the child improve academically and otherwise.

v  Parents/guardians are requested to regularly supervise their child’s schoolwork.  They are urged to help their child be regular and disciplined in all matters.

v  Parents are requested to regularly attend events such as “Meet the Teachers” and “Open Houses” as and when they are held.

v  Parents and guardians are kept up to date about homework and other school assignments through the Student’s Diary.  They are required to stay in touch with teachers and the school.

v  Report cards, circulars, notices and permission slips should be signed and returned to the school on time.

v  In case of absence due to illness or other reasons, parents/guardians are requested to inform the school in writing as soon as possible.

v  Parents can meet with their child’s teacher or principal only after making a prior appointment.

v  Parents are requested to inform the school of any change in address or phone numbers.

v  Any grievances or complaints can be made in writing or by phone to the class teacher or to the Principal’s office.

Extra Curricular Activities  


We at Jubilee realize that the student needs a well rounded education, therefore the School arranges for a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs where the student can explore their talents and skills.  Parents are requested to help their child choose an activity well suited to their child’s interests.








Art and Craft



French Language

Home Science




Modern Dance

Swimming (Girls only)




System of Education

Full English Secondary follows the Cambridge System of education.  All courses are offered fully in the English language.  The various levels of education offered in the program are as follows:

v  Grade 7 – 8      (Cambridge Secondary 1 Program)

v  Grade 9 – 10    (International General Certificate for Secondary Education)

v  Grade 11 – 12  (GCE A’ Level Examination / Pearson BTEC Diploma Program)

A detailed list of subjects is as follows:         

















English Language

English Literature





Bahasa Indonesia



Moral / Religious Education

Information Technology

Physical Education


Art & Crafts

















Additional Mathematics














Business Studies







Basic Requirements of Full English Secondary








85% Attendance


Unit Tests

Semester Examinations

Checkpoint Examination



Ujian Nasional SMP



IGCSE Examinations



AS Level Examinations



Ujian Nasional SMA


A’ Level Examinations



At the end of the School Term, the cumulative record of all the year’s work is considered on an individual basis for promotion to the next grade.  The year’s work consists of the following:

  1. Tests / Semester Examinations
  2. Day to day written work,
  3. Assignments,
  4. Projects 
  5. Oral and Practical


Checkpoint Examinations

These examinations are held in three major subjects for Grade 8 students:

  1. Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  2. Mathematics
  3. English Language

These examinations are coordinated directly by Cambridge International Examinations from the UK and help to keep our students at par with international standards.  They also help in grouping students into science or commerce streams in Grade 9.


IGCSE Curricula

The International General Certificate Secondary Education (IGCSE) curricula reflect the latest developments in instruction offered by Cambridge. 

IGCSE certificates are recognized by universities, colleges and employers worldwide.  They are specifically designed for international recognition.  The IGCSE follows a two year curriculum designed by the University of Cambridge.

Examinations are held twice in a year during the October/November and May/June sessions.

Subjects taught in IGCSE Curricula



  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Mandarin
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Business Studies
    • ICT
    • Music
    • Physical Education


GCE A’ Level Curricula

The GCE “Advanced” or “A” Level certificate is one of the most widely recognized certificates in the world.  The A’ Level certificate has been accepted as proof of academic proficiency for entry to universities and institutes of higher education.

The “Advanced Subsidiary” or “AS” Level certificate represents the first half of a full A’ Level course.

Students must pass in at least three subjects for an A’ Level certificate.

The syllabi and examination papers are set by Cambridge.

There are two ways of achieving an GCE A / AS Level Certificate:

  1. Students can sit for the A’ level examinations directly after the completion of the required two year courses.  Students take the classes and prepare for the exams in Grade 12.
  2. A student can divide the whole A’ Level course into two equal halves.  At the end of the first year, Grade 11, a student can sit for the AS Level Examinations.

Subjects taught in GCE A’ Level Curricula

  • English Language (First Language English and IELTS Preparation)
  • Mathematics (Pure Math, Statistics, Mechanics)
  • IT
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Studies

Students entering the A’ Level program in Jubilee School have an opportunity to earn two (2) certificates after completion of their coursework:

  1. The GCE A’ Level program of studies can be completed in two (2) years.
  2. Jubilee students are also registered for the National Board Examinations (SMA Ujian Nasional).

Pearson BTEC Diploma in Business


BTEC stands for Business and Technology Education Council that provides various qualifications for a wide range of vocational courses. Qualification also depends on the type of course that a student plans to take. Assessments are usually based on coursework, skills demonstration, and case studies. Instead of the traditional written exam, students are usually asked to demonstrate particular skills to merit a certificate. The other good thing about BTEC courses is that study time is flexible.

Jubilee School plans to launch 3 (three) major in Business:

  • Business
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Marketing

Duration: 18 months

Total Units to be completed: 18





  • Many of our graduates have been admitted into reputed schools and foundation programs in Indonesia and overseas countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, USA and Canada.
  • Many of our students have shown good performance in Checkpoint, IGCSE and A’ Level Examinations especially in subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Science subjects, ICT and Business Studies.
  • Our students have managed to earn scholarships from institutes based locally and internationally.


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